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Hi there,

Here are the specs we agreed on. Feel free to let me know if you'd like any changes and I can change the description written here:


Processor: i9-12900K

GPU: Proving your own RTX 3080 Ti

RAM: 32 GB DDR5 5600 Mhz RGB 

SSD: 1 TB M.2 gen 4 SSD


Case: Lian Li PC-O11 Mini (Black)

RGB Fans: 10 RGB Fans with software control

Power Supply: 850W 80+ Gold SFX PSU

Custom Black (or black/any color) cables

Motherboard: Z690 MSI DDR5 motherboard

AIO: Black NZXT Z73 360 mm AIO liquid cooler with LED customizable display 


Features: Wifi, Windows 10 Pro, Office, lifetime warranty on all parts (except GPU because it's yours. You should have a warranty through the manufacturer for 3 years), All software and drivers installed, personal delivery, free tech support


Note: The picture above is not what the PC would look like (cat not included). That PC has the same case but yours will be much more powerful and better looking. 

Custom Build for @Khivato