Frequently Askes Questions

1. How long does each build take to prepare?
Answer: The average preparation time for a custom gaming PC is 1 week. The average prep time for a mining rig is 1-2 weeks. The average company takes 2 months to prepare a custom build.

2. Which payment methods are accepted?
Answer: We accept Paypal, Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, Affirm financing, and cash. Pick-up orders have the option to pay a nonrefundable 30% deposit to initiate your build. The remaining 70% payment is due when you receive the build.

3. How do I order?
Answer: Contact us through the "Request a Build" button at the top of the page or via Instagram or Facebook to speak with a sales representative that will work with you to build a custom quote.

4. How do I receive my PC?
Answer: We offering shipping via UPS to all of the US and Canada. Free local pick-up is available in Jersey City or Woodbridge, NJ

6. Do you offer financing?
Answer: Yes, we offer financing through paypal credit and affirm. Please apply for paypal credit here: 

Ask about Affirm financing and you will receive a custom link to order through this website.

If you are not approved, you can pay off your PC in partial but you will receive your PC when the payments are completed. Contact us to ask about Affirm, which has an easier approval process.

If you have any more questions please contact us through email, facebook, instagram, or the "contact us" page on this website. Thank you!