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Beginners Guide To Mining Crypto

1. What is a crypto currency mining rig?

Answer: It is a computer that has multiple graphics cards that are used to solve complex algorithms on the blockchain to "mine" a cryptocurrency of your choice. The operating system used is HiveOS.

2. How much money can you make daily?

The passive income amount depends on the amount you invest into the power of your rig and the current crypto price. This is a long term investment. As miners, we are not mining for the current price, we are mining coin continuously until the cryptocurrency market spikes again, then we can choose to sell for a huge profit.

3. What happens to my rig if cryptocurrency cannot be mined?

Graphics card-based rigs have the benefit to be parted and sold. The graphics cards (GPUs) will always hold substantial value to gamers and video editors, even if the crypto market slows. This fact makes crypto mining a very safe investment.

4. How much will the electricity cost?

It depends on your area and the power of the rig that you order. If your rate is $0.09/kWh and your rig is 1000W (pretty high end rig), you will average 0.09*1*24 = $2.16/day in electricity. The passive income of such a rig would be close to $12/day for comparison.

5. How do I manage payouts and my account? Do I need to maintain the rig?

We provide a detailed tutorial on all rig operations including how to turn it on, start mining, and how to receive your payouts in your crypto wallet. The customer is only responsible for creating their own crypto wallet since we should not have access to your payout funds. Tutorials on wallet creation are provided as well. All maintenance is performed by us remotely through HiveOS. In the rare event that you need to help by manually restarting the rig, we will contact you and schedule a service call. 

6. Are there any errors or glitches with mining?

Random restarts are common but unlikely. On average your rig might see an issue once every few months, in which case it might need a simple restart. Some rigs are more stable than others. It depends on  the GPUs and their settings (which we optimize). It is good practice to check on your rig once a day through the monitor website to make sure the rig is running smoothly.

7. What are the prices?

Prices range from $1500 to over $20k depending on the power of the rig. Please click request a build at the top of this page to get started!!!

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